OCCO Skin Studio

Experience the therapy, the comfort, the rejuvenation of our spa packages

Our packages are designed to give you a spa experience you’ll never forget. We’ve bundled skin treatments with massages and nail services to take care of your entire body with just one visit. Combining many of our most popular services together, we’ve created packages at a variety of price points to ensure that there’s a perfect spa day available at any budget.

The Vista

Enjoy a 30-minute Custom Massage, 30-minute Express Facial and a Relaxing Manicure to look and feel like a million dollars. 1.5 hours. $128

The Devine

Pamper your total body with our Swedish massage, Signature Facial, Relaxing Manicure and Relaxing Pedicure. 3 hours. $201


Foot Fetish

Treat yourself with our Head, Neck, & Feet Massage followed by a luxurious OCCO Pedicure with paraffin treatment. 115 minutes. $124

Totally OCCO

Melt away stress with a full-body OCCO Hot Stone Bliss followed by a customized OCCO Signature Facial, OCCO Manicure and OCCO Pedicure. 3 hours. $252

Pure Moisture

Experience a moisturizing, detoxifying, and memorable treatment for your body, hands, and feet, including our Steamy Wonder, Relaxing Manicure and OCCO Pedicure. 90 minutes. $186

The Ultimate

Rejuvenate yourself with the ultimate spa experience. Enjoy our 75-minute Steamy Wonder, 60-minute personally designed Custom Massage, 60-minute Signature Facial, Relaxing Manicure and a Relaxing Pedicure. 4 hours. $324

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