OCCO Skin Studio

Skilled technicians. Quality services. Peaceful, clean environment.

Escape the hustle and bustle of today’s nail salons and experience OCCO. Here, we offer the highest quality services, including acrylic nails, gel nails, paraffin treatments, manicures, and pedicures–all at affordable prices. You’ll be treated by our highly trained staff in a relaxing atmosphere where your comfort is our foremost concern.

{The length of time polish remains on nails varies.  We do not guarantee polish will remain on nails for a specified amount of time.}

{For the safety of all our Guests, we do not recommend nail services if you have any sort of nail infection. We reserve the right to not provide services if we feel there is any infection present. We will not apply polish/base or topcoat to or use any OCCO implements on any nail that appears infected.}


Relaxing Manicure

Rejuvenate your nails with a relaxing soak and a luxurious arm and hand massage, followed by nail trimming, shaping, and buffing as well as cuticle maintenance and nail polish. $20

OCCO Manicure

Experience our luxurious manicure combining healing and hydrating products to exfoliate, moisturize, repair, and soften. $35

Princess Manicure

Feel like a princess with soaked, trimmed, shaped, buffed nails and cuticles. Show off your styles and pick out a polish and nail design for 2 nails. For ages 5-10. $18

OPI Gel Soak-Off Manicure

Keep your nails looking beautiful longer with long-lasting, gel-based, non-chip polish following a soothing manicure. $40 (add French manicure for an additional $10)

Polish Change

Bring your nails back to tip-top shape or spice up your day by popping in for a quick polish change. $10

Nail Fix

Drop in for a nail fix and keep a broken nail from ruining your day. $6


Relaxing Pedicure

Rejuvenate your feet with a warm soak and nail trimming, shaping, buffing, and polishing. Enjoy the extra attention given to your cuticles and calluses. $32

OCCO Pedicure

Experience the extra pampering of an OCCO Pedicure, including a sea salt scrub, mineral oils, revitalizing masque, and soothing lotion. $48

Princess Pedicure

Pamper your toes with this warm water soak, nail shaping and trimming, and cuticle care. Finish up with polish and a basic design. For ages 5-10. $28

Paraffin Treatments

Treat yourself to silky hands and feet. Feel the warmth of wax and moisture on your hands, feet, and cuticles. Hands, $10. Feet, $15.

Polish Change

Bring your nails back to tip-top shape or spice up your day by popping in for a quick polish change. $15


Book both services  – our system will recognize and apply the combination discount!

  • Relaxing Manicure & Relaxing Pedicure: $46
  • Relaxing Manicure & OCCO Pedicure: $65
  • OCCO Manicure & Relaxing Pedicure: $67
  • OCCO Manicure & OCCO Pedicure: $78
  • Princess Manicure & Princess Pedicure: $42


  • Polish, Hands: $10
  • Polish, Feet: $15
  • Gel Polish, Feet: $20
  • Gel Polish, Feet – Removal: $10
  • French Polish, Hands: $16
  • French Polish, Feet: $19
  • Hand Designs: $5 and up
  • Pedicure Scrub Upgrades: $5
  • Callus Treatment with Pedicure: $5
  • Hot Stones: $8
  • Paraffin Hands: $10
  • Paraffin Feet: $15
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