OCCO Skin Studio

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Massage & Body Treatments

Massage  & Body Treatments

Therapeutic massage and body treatments to relax, refresh, and re-energize you

Our experienced, well-trained massage therapists provide services using a variety of techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue and sports. Try one or try them all to release tension, alleviate pain, achieve greater mobility or enhance circulation. For additional therapy, try one of our specialized body treatments that will exfoliate away your stress and hydrate you from head to toe.


Custom Massage

Create the perfect massage to fit your needs.

30 Minutes / $55

60 Minutes / $89

90 Minutes / $127

Deep Tissue Massage

Relax, lengthen and loosen your tight, overused muscles with this therapeutic, deep pressure massage.

30 Minutes / $55

60 Minutes / $89

90 Minutes / $127

Swedish Massage

Relieve stress, remove toxins and enhance circulation with this massage using Swedish techniques.

60 Minutes / $78

90 Minutes / $110

2 hours / $144

OCCO Sports Massage

Achieve greater mobility for your joints and relieve overworked muscles with this treatment that’s perfect for the active man or woman.

30 Minutes / $55

60 Minutes / $89

90 Minutes / $127


Head, Neck, & Feet

Relax your scalp, neck, shoulders and feet with this massage using Swedish techniques. This massage is NOT customizable. 60 minutes, $70.

OCCO Hot Stone Bliss

Melt away your tension and let your spirits soar with a full-body rejuvenating massage using heated basalt stones and Swedish massage techniques. 75 minutes, $110.

OCCO Neck & Back with Hot Stones

Relax your neck and back with this hot stone massage that’s perfect for anyone “on-the-go.” 30 minutes / $65.

Prenatal Massage

Relieve pain, enhance circulation and enjoy relaxation with a custom prenatal massage. 75 minutes / $98

Postpartum Massage

Focused bodywork and heat application for the recovery and realignment of the mother. 60 minutes / $89

Couples Massage

Create a relaxing and memorable experience for two, no matter the celebration or reason.

60 Minutes / $188

90 Minutes / $256

**Hot stones may be added to any massage for $9 per body part.


Body Treatments


Sea Salt Glow

Enjoy a body treatment that begins with a thorough dry brush exfoliation followed by a blend of organic sea salts to scruff away dry, dull skin.

60 minutes, $100.


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